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Teak Marine USA provides top-quality marine products and decking materials at a great value. Our uncompromising level of quality is achieved through a strong commitment to research and development. We offer marine products specifically designed for decking professionals. Our ongoing commitment to long-lasting performance ensures we will continue providing tested and proven products at significantly better prices. Prices any decking professional will appreciate. Teak Marine USA offers a quality line of premium epoxies and caulks. Our technologically advanced products offer superior strength and durability for experienced decking professionals.

Epoxy glue marine productEPOXIES

For the installation of our teak and composite decks, we have developed two types of epoxy decking materials that meet the needs of today’s decking professionals. One is our FIT AND FAIRING EPOXY, which is ideal for fairing decks in order to level uneven surfaces and to provide a proper camber. We also carry a LAMINATING EPOXY, which serves as our general-purpose laminate and sealant.

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caulk marine productCAULK

Our teak deck caulk is a professional single-component, moisture-curing sealant that is specifically designed for the marine industry—particularly for teak decks and where naturally oily woods are used. It has long been trusted for its performance on the job and exceptional value by decking professionals.

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