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For the last 25 years,Teak Marine USA has installed, repaired and restored thousands of custom teak decks in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the world. To inspire you, we have assembled these images in our photo gallery of teak decks, composite decks, custom teak furniture and cabinetry, and more. We offer custom solutions and worldwide service for yacht decks, yacht interiors, and private or commercial residences.

Why Custom Teak Decks?

custom teak decksTeak decks are known for its color and appearance. Its rich golden to medium brown color darkens with age. It has a coarse texture with medium-sized open pores and a straight grain. Plus, it has a slight oily feel to it because of the natural oils it contains. Because of these attributes, custom teak decks are considered by many to be the “gold” standard for durability and resisting decay and pests. Teak is easy to work with, which is why so many teak decks are built for yachts and boats, but does contain silica which can blunt cutting instruments. And even though it has natural oils, it glues and finishes well. And as a bonus, teak decks can have a leather-like scent when freshly milled. Some of the most common uses for teak are: ship and boatbuilding, teak decks, veneer, furniture, and exterior construction. It’s no wonder teak decks are a worldwide favorite. It’s a superbly stable wood with excellent strength properties and easy to work with.

Why a Teak Alternative?

We are Dek-King and Nautikflor synthetic teak decking and flooring distributors, which is an excellent teak alternative. It’s a non-porous surface, so water, oil, and dirt does not penetrate it. Therefore it requires no oiling, varnishing, sanding or scraping. Cleaning is fast and easy, you just use soap and water. It can also be pressure washed clean.

For more inspiration, please see our information on teak deck or composite deck installation, teak deck and floor repair, or teak furniture repair.

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