Boat Floor Repair

boat floor repair

We Are Specialists in Boat Floor Repair

Your boat is a source of pure enjoyment, whether you are in Fort Lauderdale or in Fort Walton. It’s your time to relax and keep your worries on shore, not on your deck. A leaky teak deck can lead to water in the sub-deck or further below. To avoid mildew or rot, it’s best to repair any problem as soon as it’s detected. The life of your boat can depend on it. That’s why boat captains, yacht owners, and project managers choose Teak Marine USA for all their boat floor repair needs.

Whether you have leaking or worn out seams or caulk separating from the teak, we can expertly repair it. Our crew of craftsmen carefully inspects the problem, detecting water penetration and weakened seams. If seams are well worn, to the point where the caulking is gone and many screw heads are exposed, you may not have any of the actual teak left. And if seams have been leaking for a long time, you may have to replace your deck(s).

Our boat flooring repair services help prolong the life of your teak deck. We remove the bad seams, clean the teak edge to bare wood and re-caulk. We perform full or partial seam repairs, including full deck re-seaming and plug repairs or replacement. Additionally, we can repair or replace cover boards and batons.

We Help Rejuvenate Your Teak Deck to Its Original Luster

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for decks to prematurely age or weather due to poor maintenance. It can go from a rich caramel color to a dull, silvery grey color quickly. We know how to clean and refurbish teak, which is a very sensitive natural material that reacts negatively to hard bristles or harsh chemicals. For instance, some acid washes remove grime and the natural oils of the wood, which results in a dry and brittle deck. If improperly cleaned, the top layer of wood cells is removed with the dirt. Once the wood is gone, it’s gone.

Teak Marine USA are experts in restoring your aged or weathered deck back to a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing appearance. We also know to avoid any chemicals or treatments that attack the caulking materials. Again, some acid washes can harm caulk seams, which causes leaks. As teak deck specialists, we will maintain the beauty of your yacht by sanding and detailing aged, weathered and worn decks. Once we’ve restored and refinished your deck, we will then train your boat staff to maintain it properly. This way your focus is on your yachting experience, not stressful maintenance.

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